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CALLALY CASTLE - records of poltergeist activity during the construction of the castle and disembodied voices. [36][37] The RAF's No. Reports of the apparition of Catherine Parr and a tall lady in a green dress. Email For emergency repairs outside office hours (including weekends and bank holidays) phone the Mears Emergency Contact Centre on 0800 032 4547. Last post by rainers. The station commander at RAF Leeming is also the commander of the wing. RAF DIGBY phantom airman on a bicycle, apparitions, footsteps and voices. #1. Several accounts from the 19th century, involving many sightings in the building, covering several different spirits. SISSINGHURST CASTLE - historical tales of the ghost of Sir Richard Baker (16 C). A male, heavily-bearded figure has been spotted mostly in the central tower. I am collating a documentary of life and experiences on married quarter estates throughout the post war years in particular on RAF MQs through the late 1940s to the 1980s. 101 Married Quarters RAF Harwell, Oxon (UKAEA housing) 93 Married Quarters RAF Finningley, Doncaster 300 USAF & RAF MQs RAF Bicester, Oxon 150 Married Quarters RAF Upwood, Cambs 50 Married Quarters RAF Linton on Ouse, Yorks 30 Married Quarters RAF Cranwell, Lincs 92 Married Quarters RN Rosyth, Edinburgh, Scotland 5 FTS as an instructor in the early 1930s. John Howorth. FEATHERSTONHAUGH, NORTHUMBERLAND, ENGLAND. 2 RAF Force Protection Wing, their role is to provide air force protection capabilities. The remaining air defence bases are RAF Leuchars in Fife, Scotland which has also exchanged its Tornado F3s for Typhoons, and since June 2007 RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire which is home to Typhoon F2s. Rome2rio displays up to date schedules . - 25th November 2011 at 12:16 Permalink BALLYGALLY CASTLE - a female ghost thought to be Lady Shaw, from the 1600s, sometimes accompanied by the spirits of a baby and a maid. It was ridiculous. Part of the buildup of the base included building a decoy airfield at Burneston, some 4 miles (6.4km) to the south. A strong sense of fear usually comes with this sighting. Recommended option. SHEEP - a flock of phantom sheep were seen here by several people in 1760, along with claims of other animal spirits. Paul would be coming under mortar fire in Iraq and I would be saying: Dont forget the frozen peas!, For long periods, there would be no men on the base and the kids would get excited about seeing a postman. ELSHAM WOLD AIRBASE phantom aircrew, seen by many people. 135 Expeditionary Air Wing. It was opened in 1940 and was jointly used by the RAF and the Royal Canadian Air Force . So if you know any stories, please post them. [10], Following the war, the station became a night-fighter base, equipped initially with de Havilland Mosquito and then Gloster Meteor and Gloster Javelin aircraft before becoming a Training Command airfield in 1961. Flying ceased in January 1953. Several reports of a Grey Lady on the staircase. [2] It serviced more than 100,000 items of airborne radio, radar, electronic, instrument, and missile equipment a year. There were also several other units using the airfield during the same period, these were: In January 1987, the airfield closed for one year to allow installation of Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS). Sprawling home where JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in 1996 is listed for sale for $7 MILLION by current Royal Mail increase price of first class stamp by 15p to 1.10 in record-breaking hike, Do not sell or share my personal information. In the castle kitchen strange noises and coldness. They did the same at Brize, went round my mates house and the heat wave hit you, walked in his room and the windows were open, he explained if you turned the heating off it would cool off really quickly then take ages to heat again and got too hot, so the heating ran 24 /7 with the windows open as a thermostat, I believe someone in property had kittens when the first bills came through for the street, was rumoured it would have been cheaper to build a new block.. 6 months of sky high bills and they had to find block space for people as the costs were prohibitive. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. RAF HAWARDEN 1944 ghostly breathing in a WAAF hut. There was actually a handbook telling us how to do everything including exactly how to strip the oven. - 23rd November 2011 at 20:44 Permalink BUCKHOLM TOWER (RUINS) apparition of a Laird and noises. Samantha Statham. THE CROWN HOTEL - the ghost of a dog, killed in the pub. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. DOVER CASTLE - 18th century - the tale of a ghostly drummer boy. Voices and conversation. GB445558329. Ghostly music and the sound of a piston engined aircraft, loud bangs and bright lights. Also the ghost of a former housekeeper, witnessed by several people in the castle. The state was renamed The Virginia Estate as our offices were in Arlington Virginia and the roads renamed after areas around Washington such as Washington Drive, Prince William Road, Fairfax Road and so on. Amongst the pilots who trained at 5 FTS, RAF Sealand was Johnnie Johnson. Startseite; Die Bckerei. RIVER SWALE - the ghost of a black, headless dog that has allegedly appeared around the bridge over this river. Some believe this figure to be Judge Jeffreys. The following apprenticeships were offered: Other organisations associated with the station have included the Army Base Repair Organisation (ABRO), the Defence Communication Services Agency (DCSA), and Defence Equipment & Support. [32] In May 2020 however it was confirmed that the team would move to Waddington. Qatar has so far ordered nine Hawk Mk167 aircraft. A444 - the site of a gibbet, where a young girl has been spotted looking up at where a dead body would have hung. Seen nine mornings in a row and then vanished for good. After returning to the UK from our two housing schemes opposite the Pentagon Washington DC in 1980 I purchased the first site which comprised 127 former NCO quarters at RAF Faldingworth, north of Lincoln. EXCLUSIVE: Head teacher of leading grammar school is sacked for sending parents a list of striking teachers. The main aircraft operated were Whitley, Stirling, Halifax and Lancaster bombers. [7], From early 2018 MOD Sealand will be an F-35 Global repair hub. We only found out where the men were going next from watching news reports. Two missing panes of glass had been replaced by plywood sheets nailed to the mildewed wooden frames. Paul and I were determined to try to have as normal a family life as possible in such circumstances. RAF SCAMPTON ghost of a black, Labrador dog, believed to be Nigger, the dog of Guy Gibson. Gulf War veteran Andrew Whittaker and his daughter Vicki outside the Ministry of Defence HQ on March 3, 2017 in Whitehall, England. RAF LINDHOLME THE JIGSAW GHOST apparition of a sergeant. think they sold off the Military Port and the married quarters. No 9, Officers Married Quarters, Kalafrana, Malta, 1966. People report being touched and hearing footsteps. The new Joint Hawk Squadron was unveiled during Reformation Event at Royal Air Force (RAF) Leeming in Yorkshire. Not accessible to the public for safety reasons. The station opened in 1940 as a bomber station during the Second World War. RAF MANBY odd noises, a phantom bomber, electrical interference and the apparitions of an airman and a male tramp. Two twin hangars, which were built in 1917, were used by the newly formed Royal Flying Corps. Leeming is also home to No 11 Air Experience Flight and Northumbrian Universities Air Squadron, with four Grob Tutor aircraft stationed there. LEEMING, YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND. Yes, Im taking a camera. Fahrverkauf Ingolstadt; Preise Three RAF Tornado GR4 aircraft fly over the RAF Leeming base on February 19, 2019 in Northallerton, England. WHITE RABBIT - several accounts of a spectral, white rabbit from the early 1800s, on the road from Cobridge to Etruria. Another, a pair of previously owned RN sheets. The office is located next to the main Ermes store. AERODROME (now the Fire Service College) - apparition of a WAAF and a WWII airplane, apparitions of ghosts in RAf uniform plus sounds. 631 Volunteer Gliding Squadron RAF operated at Sealand between 1963 and 2006, initially operating the Slingsby T.21 "Sedbergh" glider and then, most recently, flying the Viking TMk1 conventional winch-launched glider. SACW Served from 1970 - 1974 Served in RAF Leeming. BLENKINSOPP CASTLE - the ghost of a lady, dressed in white. 30th Air Depot Wing began operating as a tenant organization at RAF Sealand, with base support for the wing being provided by the 7558th Air Depot Group as of 27 November 1951. ODSTOCK HOSPITAL 1975 - FORMERLY A WWII BASE FOR US AIRMEN sound of a party, singing and laughter. In 1956, RAF Honington also became a V bomber base: squadrons, Nos, 7, 90, and 199 flew Vickers Valiant while squadron Nos, 55 and 57 flew Handley Page Victors. [6], The station opened in 1940 as a bomber station during the Second World War. All remaining RAF units were moved to RAF Leeming, and the site is now operated as a tri-service MoD installation. Sites to date we have been involved are at: under 'Management Profile and Projects'. As you probably know all of the married quarters there have been returned and passed on for social housing. 11 Squadron was disbanded in October 2005. Will you be able to walk around the entire place or only places that you have a reason to go? BEDLAY CASTLE - haunted by a former Bishop of Glasgow. CLITHEROE CASTLE - (ruins) - several reported ghosts, including a man, woman and child (perhaps of the same family). Train. RAF GROVE apparition of man in full flying kit, with oxygen mask. It is a day we had already planned to spend with Doug as it would have been his 100th birthday. The Royal Air Force Almanac 1995 said that No. hbbd```b``N"In0{ I used to live in Marchwood. MUNCASTER CASTLE - (privately owned) - the sounds of two children crying have been heard in the castle, alongside crashing sounds. The Medical Centre at RAF Leeming provides medical care to all service personnel and their dependants registered at RAF Leeming who live in Married Quarters. Kim Borg. RAGLAN CASTLE - the apparition of a man, dressed in clothing similar to a medieval bard, has been sighted here. - 23rd November 2011 at 12:27 Permalink I got told that a ghostly jeep with 4 people in it drives down a road near a river, crosses an imaginary bridge and dissapears, it turns the bridge was bombed in WWII. RAF BIGGIN HILL - the ghost of a Spitfire, heard most often around January 19th. If Kosovo was on the news, Paul would say matter-of-factly: Oh, thats where well be going next then.. Henry would run to the window and shout: Look Mummy, a man!. BERRY POMEROY CASTLE female apparition sighted. It was opened in 1940 and was jointly used by the RAF and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). [10][11], The RAF base lent its name to the 1981 song "Sealand" by Wirral band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Nov 1940 to Dec 1940 77 Squadron. *INVESTIGATED BY THE SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH. Contact the Community Development Officer: Email: Phone: 01347 847533 Opening times: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. Poltergeist activity. Find the travel option that best suits you. CASTELL COCH - several reports of a ghostly Cavalier. It was subsequently made clear to me that mixing with the wrong rank had been a mistake. Then, still in my early 20s and with a slim figure, I attended a fancy dress party in a nurses outfit without knowing that there would be 50 or so genuine nurses in attendance that night, including the wife of Pauls boss. MQ's Halton 1973, hallway floor had black gloss painted on concrete and a runner carpet up the middle, lived in some good ones though. WARBOYS AIRFIELD apparition of a young girl. The sounds of odd noises and human groans. Footsteps, a disembodied hand and the apparition of a female in 17C dress in the museum also. This housing is situated opposite the main gate of the base. Wedding bliss: Life as the wife of a serving RAF officer threw up some rather interesting situations for Annie Waller. SHEEP - ghostly flock of sheep seen in Swindon Lane, with spectral shepherd. I was wondering if you had some stories about the place. The squadron formed as a night bomber unit in 1917 and its crews have since fought. 921 0 obj <>stream The front door lock was one taken from a toilet door and held in place by carpet tacks. Bars and cafs The Maple Leaf Cafe WOODHOUSELEE CASTLE - the ghost of Lady Bothwell, who was attacked at the castle in 1580, resulting in the death of her baby. Inside Matt Hancock's 41-hour battle to save his career when photo of 'a snog and heavy petting' with aide Will Vladimir Putin's empress pay the ultimate price for his war on the West? Also, the ghost of a priest in the gardens, seen by several people. punish3ment, 12 jobs. One wedding present was a plastic washing-up bowl. Im Flight Lieutenant Joness wife, said the smiling woman who appeared on my doorstep shortly after we moved in. For information about how to add references, see, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2015, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Royal Air Force stations of World War II in the United Kingdom, "Leeming's Air Traffic Control Squadron named best in RAF",, Operational Evaluation and Conversion Sqn, 10 Field Squadron (Air Support) Royal Engineers (part of 39 Engineer Regiment). In March 2006, No. The MOD has contemplated using the site for several purposes, one of the most controversial of which was the idea to turn RAF Sealand into an emergency prison to cope with overcrowded prisons in England and Wales. #army #britisharmy Check the new housing that the Army have built for it's serving soldier's and their families.The Protein Works supplements go to - me at chfitnessandnutrition@outlook.comInstagram - the Household Cavalry - - Everything you see and I say is all my own personal opinion and I work alone and not with any military organisations. The base is still in use by the RAF today. Churches There are 3. By using this site you consent to our use of cookies as per our, I choose death before dishonour, I'd rather die than live down on my knees. RAF LEEMING - apparitions of airmen, noises of aircraft, a glow in the middle of the runway and conversations. By: rogcoll RAF CULHAM apparitions of five men in naval uniform. RAF CONINGSBY - report of a an aircraft engineer being touched and pushed in the back in Section AS7. Odd noises. %PDF-1.7 % The comments below have been moderated in advance. CARISBROOKE CASTLE - reports of three apparitions here: a grey lady, a youngish man wearing a leather jacket and a large man, wearing what appears to be a white gown of some type. Siebenbrgische Spezialitten Erzeugnisse aus der Heimat nach original Rezepten. SCHIEHALLION HILL - the ghosts of a dog and horse have been observed close to the water. HRH The Duchess of Cornwall is the Honorary Air Commodore of RAF Leeming. CROWN INN - sighting of a black dog in the 1970s. CROYDON AERODROME (now Roundshaw Housing Estate) phantom RAF motorcyclist and three nuns. Salary Search: Business Management Support Clerk - Air salaries. Is it just ex RAF quarters that you buy? Egoat may be another source, register and ask there too. Also a white lady. Also, footsteps & whispering sounds. WEST ORCHARD CASTLE - (destroyed) - historical accounts of two ghosts on the site of this Norman castle. But for me, it was my fellow consorts who were truly strange. Noises and shouts. THORNBURY CASTLE - the apparition of a Grey Lady seen on the battlements. [34], On 1 December 2020, it was announced that the Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron had relocated to RAF Leeming from RAF Linton-on-Ouse as part of the latter's closure by the end of 2021. Quickest way to get there Cheapest option Distance between. A16 ROAD CROSSING THE OLD #2 RUNWAY OF RAF WALTHAM a phantom airman, seen last in 1982. Cannot help you as was detached for a short period to Wildenrath only when we had the runway done at Bruggen. I am collating a documentary of life and experiences on married quarter estates throughout the post war years in particular on RAF MQs through the late 1940s to the 1980s. Train operators. He would do ordinary chores on a computer in his tent such as updating the car insurance or ordering shopping from Tesco while talking to me on a satellite phone. JavaScript is disabled. Tom Willoughby Ltd. Catterick Garrison. ABERAVON CASTLE - (ruins) - several accounts of a White Lady apparition. Sign up for a new account in our community. We were expected to keep our house in pristine condition until we moved out, when it would be subject to a rigorous inspection so that we could be held accountable for any damage. CHIEF TECHNICIAN Served from 1978 - 2005 Served in RAF Leeming. Living on an RAF base never felt like home. I used to joke that he was dressed as a tree. Drive from Preston to RAF Leeming 78.3 miles. NORMAN CASTLE various sightings of a Lady in White & a Lady in Black. No. 135 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) was formed at the station on 1 April 2006 and encompasses most of the non-formed unit personnel. Struggle: Life as a wife of an RAF serviceman was tough for Annie Waller Paul served in Iraq and Afghanistan - he flew Hercules C-130J transport planes - and would often be away for months on. Long story short, I saw nothing, at all. ROCH CASTLE - historical accounts of a female apparition, thought to be the 17th C. Lucy Walters, mistress of Charles II. This article does not contain any citations or references. 1960s: the sighting of a Spitfire V from a glider pilot. Witch, Harridan, Harpy, and new insults like Karen and Terf. - 24th November 2011 at 00:02 Permalink LEVER CASTLE - reported sightings of a white lady. Royal Air Force Station Leeming or RAF Leeming is a Royal Air Force station located near Leeming, North Yorkshire, England. There are 3 ways to get from Manchester to RAF Leeming by train, bus or car. Key Publishing Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number 2713662. RAF ALDERGROVE The Don, the apparition of a male dressed in a cloak and hat. FYVIE CASTLE Green Lady apparition back in the 1920s. 23 Sqn was disbanded on 1 March 1994, and was reformed at RAF Waddington in 1996 flying the Sentry E3D, This left two Tornado squadrons, which were half of the air defence fighter squadrons of the RAF. - Edited 1st January 1970 at 01:00. Additional job details. Hope you have a great time and if you want something paranormal to happen I hope for that too! The Joint Hawk Training Squadron will train pilots from both air forces, starting initially with a group of Qatar Emiri Air Force student pilots. SHROPSHIRE UNION CANAL - the apparition of an American pilot, whose plane crashed into the canal, has been seen here. POWYS CASTLE - male apparition in an 18C story. It was not what I had expected when I met Paul now my former husband almost 20 years ago. Currently Leeming is operating as a Forward Operating Base and as a Fast Jet Turnround facility. Everyone was in uniform. GLAMIS CASTLE apparitions, legends and noises. And the RAF came first. The following squadrons used RAF Leeming during the same timespan: The station's air traffic control unit was named the best in the Royal Air Force in February 2012, winning the Raytheon Falconer Trophy.[10]. Neil Barker. Dave Hughes. The Integrated Welfare Facility is a great venue that provides enhanced welfare facilities for RAF personnel and their families in a central location. It is not clear whether Leeming, which was substantially rebuilt less than twenty years ago, will continue as a flying base. 6 Flying Training School", "RAF Northumbrian Universities Air Squadron", "Information regarding air cadets and RAF air experience flights", "No. by dstock62 Thu Sep 29, 2022 6:13 pm. It was opened in 1940 and was jointly used by the RAF and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). RAF BASSINGBOURN 1968 male apparition of an airman and odd noises. I have no idea about the circumstances that you are going. No. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. And you should have seen the Hal Far CO's house just up the roadit was like Buckingham Palace. _1jZof325V *`rUuJ\hPI] .Iy@Hj lrAfRp#PuDT8di 0j013(0. Initially it hosted Nos 11(F), 23, and 25(F) Squadrons, all flying the F3. RAF LEEMING apparitions of airmen, noises of aircraft, a glow in the middle of the runway and conversations. CORPORAL Served from 1986 - 2000 Served in RAF Leeming. [25], No. [51] In December 2014 it was announced that Gloucestershire Jet Age Museum had won the tender and purchased the aircraft. Henry, who is now 11, was born three years after we married, and Kate, who is six, followed a few years later. RAF LUDFORD - sightings of a ghost dog, named Bobby. Fred Mills. The ghosts are believed to be sisters. 35 Squadron. I feared that perhaps I had ruined Pauls career., ********************************************************************************, **************************************************************, ******************************************************************, RAF ACASTER MALBIS reported apparitions of an airman and an aircrew. RAF LINDHOLME sighting of a crashing Wellington bomber. Hello from Mnchengladbach-Germany, i am Denis, a hobbyphotographer from Mnchengladbach an I hope I can get some help here. RAF Leeming is a Royal Air Force station in North Yorkshire, UK. I knew I was never going to quite fit in but I hoped that I would still make lifelong friends. [38], 607 (County of Durham) Squadron reformed at RAF Leeming on 5 January 2015. MoD Sealand (formerly RAF Sealand), is a Ministry of Defence installation in Flintshire, in the northeast corner of Wales, close to the border with England. RAF Leeming is located south of Darlington in North Yorkshire and trains, delivers, and supports UK and overseas Expeditionary Air Operations. 100 Squadron, based at RAF Leeming, Northallerton, is set to disband on 31 March after 105 . Swinger. [42], Leeming's gate guardian is now a Tornado F3,[49] commemorating its history as an air defence base, and the fact that many Tornados were scrapped/Reduced To Produce here. Sealand was a communications support base for RAF operations around the world. Phone: 01677 457567 Opening times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30am to 5pm, and Wednesday and Friday, 8:30am to midday. Examples of equipment serviced: C12 Directional Gyroscope (Hercules), and other gyroscopic based navigational equipment. I lived there 1952-53 (Father stationed at RAF Nicosia servicing Meteors, V. Royal Air Force Station Leeming or RAF Leeming is a Royal Air Force station located near Leeming, North Yorkshire, England. Hi again, sorry its a bit (very) late. The first Qatar Emiri Air Force Hawk aircraft landed at RAF Leeming yesterday to join the new Joint Qatar Emiri Air Force-RAF Hawk Training Squadron. The horror at my outfit was palpable the moment I walked in. Footsteps, cold spots and movement of objects. Following two years of construction in which a non-dispersed accommodation site, hangars and technical area were all built - the three concrete and tarmac runways were added. A reservist population of approximately 7500 are supported with occupational health. 25 Squadron returning to fly the Hawk T2", "RAF Typhoon scramble intercepts Russian aircraft over the Romanian Black Sea | Royal Air Force", "Leeming's Air Traffic Control Squadron named best in RAF", "Nearly 2,000 jobs at risk as BAE Systems adjusts to declining workload The Engineer", "RAF Leeming RTP News Fast Air Photography", "Red Arrows moving to RAF Waddington from RAF Scampton", "NHS coronavirus-tracing app is tested at RAF base", "RAF Leeming: And then there were two | RAF Leeming Station Facebook Page", "RAF Leeming welcomes first Qatari Hawks", "Royal Air Force and Qatar Emiri Air Force Expand Defence Partnership", "Watch the moment Red Arrows perform flypast at RAF Leeming in Yorkshire", "Memorial tribute to Halifax bomber crew unveiled at RAF Leeming", "Leeming Memorial Romanby Golf Course Halifax LV836", "Air Crew Fallen Remembered at Memorial Unveiling", "Fatal RAF jet crash linked to 'excessive' workload of pilot", "SALE OF QTY 1 GLOSTER JAVELIN FAW 4 AIRCRAFT", "BBC News Gloucestershire Jet Age Museum buys Gloster Javelin", UK Military Aeronautical Information Publication Leeming (EGXE),, No. RM 2CXG17F - Britain's Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall inspects RAF personnel during a visit to open a new Medical Centre at RAF Leeming, in Leeming, northern England May 8, 2014. CARDIFF CASTLE - reports of the apparition of a Grey Lady, as well as a female who many believe to be the ghost of the second Marquess of Bute .