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Carol Kodish-Butt. Your accent is the lowest common denominator of American speech. Your accent may sound weird to some, but it's universally respected! Soda Pop Coke Soft drink 4. Accents are classified into two types. Take our American accent quiz to see if the way you pronounce things and the words you use can help us guess which U.S. region youre from. We call it the "package store" or "packie", We call it by its formal name, the liquor store, We just say we're going to get some alcohol. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities like Dallas or Atlanta. Other than that, its mixed. be assured of one thingeveryone has one. Classically trained in voice as well as a respected mentor and industry speaker, Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. Accents are classified into two types. If you're confused about this, there's a big chance that you're NOT from Boston! Take this What Is My Accent Quiz to find out. I received the Midland as my result. You have a North Eastern accent! User Generated Content is not posted by anyone affiliated with, or on behalf of, Playbuzz.com. Since 2005, the biggest and most beloved brands have trusted Voices to help them find professionals to bring their projects to life. and answers what your accent is, down to the city or town (at least for us!). They had it right on. What's the name of that harmless spider-like creature with long, thin legs? And all of these accents have their nuances and differences, state-by-state, even by towns and neighborhoods. It nailed me as being Philadelphia as a cheesesteak. Even though I was born in Illinois, was raised in California, and now reside in North Carolina it knows. if youve ever journeyed to some far off place where people dont know that Philly has an accent, someone may have thought you talked a little weird even though they didnt have a clue what accent it was they heard. The other half joins you in flinging excrement at passersby. Three of the most similar cities are shown. Your browser does not support the audio tag. Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad. The following questions were inspired by two nationally conducted surveys: Bert Vaux's and Scott Golder's. A better kind of quiz site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes And of course, your day isn't complete without saying "ya'll"! Thanks for the link to the quiz. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities like Dallas or Atlanta. Your Result: The West Your accent is the lowest common denominator of American speech. Here are the top 10 most famous voice actors of all time. Like with most American accents, the most salient marker of this variety is the way people say their vowels. But now there's one that tells you what city your accent and dialect is from. Its not entirely comprehensive no one can even agree on how many accents there are but it does give you an overview of some of the most common accents you might How do you refer to the sweet, bubbly beverage that pair well with pizza or rum? Northeast, Full bar and then this Some towns, cities and states within a region could have a different version of the regional accent. But the comments suggested I was in the lowest common denominator of American accents. Your accent is general enough that no one knows exactly where you're from. To most Americans, an accent is something that only other people have, those other people usually being in New York, Boston, and the South. What Do You Call A Delicious Carbonated Beverage? Either that is because it was taken closer to the days when she lived in NYC, or because this test, though similar, is more accurate. Follow her onTwitterandGoogle+. 18 Properties Owned by the Spanish Royal Family, from Madrid Palaces to Monasteries, Who Is Taylor Simone Ledward? Your accent isn't extremely distinctive and can easily be confused with a Western accent. "Maths" "Math" Something else 2 Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Drinking Perfect! The project is described this way on its website: Using data from Bert Vaux's dialect survey, we examine regional dialect variation in the continental United States. Although, as an adult, Ive lived in N.Y., Boston, Accent is the way a person pronounces words. And That Thing That Spurts Out Water For You To Drink? Which of these TV shows is your favorite? The only requirement is honesty. Your accent is unique. Odd, but the results said you may actually live a south eastern city, which I do. However, whenever I get together with friends and family from Milwaukee and Chicago, I can really hear the difference now in them. I think Ive taken on a combo of accents. Which of these classic films is your favorite? Fun thanks Stephanie! It said inland north and Im from New Jersey with time in Colorado and So-cal. I was rated as having a MIDLAND voice which means I could come from the area I DID come from and that according to the results. But I dont have a really bad Boston accent, like adding and dropping rs to words, unless Im tired and/or sleep deprived. Now thats just slap crazy, yall. Im originally from Chicago but have lived in Alberta for many years. WebAbout This Quiz. New Orleans. The three smaller maps show which answer Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot. Lived in Northern Missouri most of my life. Think we can guess what America accent you have? tells you with a few quick questions (Do the words cot and caught sound the same or different?) Though white, I grew up in black West Philly, so I have some southern identifiers in my speech (though not, apparently, the key identifiers used in this highly accurate test). What American accent do you have? The project is a slick visualization of Bert Vaux's dialect survey, and lets you look at maps of the results of 122 different dialect questions, either as a composite showing the variation across the country or each individual dialect's prevalence across the country. We may earn a commission from links on this page. Special Offer on Antivirus Software From HowStuffWorks and TotalAV Security. Tanya Edwards is a contributing writer for iVillage. We have other quizzes matching your interest. About This Quiz. But now there's one that tells you what city your accent and dialect is from. The Western dialect of American English is a single regional dialect that unites the entire western half of the United States, including California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana! America has developed and enhanced the language, simplifying spellings and coming up with a whole host of new words. Who is your MONSTA X soulmate based off your birth chart? accent.gmu.edu What exemplary small town website is from this man's hometown? Interesting? The higher your score, the more British your accent should sound like to native English speakers! It has frozen tundras, sprawling forests, swampy marshland, jagged mountain ranges, and so many other types of land Regardless of all that it has cemented the fact that I need to get some coaching on my dialects. I was born in Philly, grew up in S. Jersey. Well, strictly speaking, the only way to not have an accent is to not speak. "Win" and "wind" sound the same, but "when" has the different vowel sound. But do people really pronounce cot and caught differently? Interestingly, there are many kinds of American accents that people use. Sometimes just called "Midwestern" but distinct from your friends up north who have the "North Central" or "Upper Midwest" accent. I have an accent as thick as baked beans. If you wanted to spoil your romantic interest, what kind of flowers would you get them? All of these things together determine regional accents of the English language. US residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. No syllable is stressed more than the others. Under 18 Years Old 18 to 24 Years Old 25 to 30 Years Old 31 to 40 Years Old 41 to 50 Years Old 51 to 60 Years Old American Accent Quizzes & Trivia. Some people are also just really good at imitating accents or acquire accents that don't make sense given where they live. You can also see the exact results of a number of cities. Your browser does not support the audio tag. In the word "accident," how do you pronounce the first syllable? Thanks for listening. You just can't let anyone give you a hard time for it. don't ya know?! People "out west" and "down south" sound absolutely bizarre to you. Very interesting and accurate in my case. Southwest but have worked hard for years to sound like I am from nowhere.. May 7, 2020. 1. I live in Philadelphia. Once youve taken the test, come back to VOX Daily and let us know what your results were! Until now you probably thought that accents were something only someone from New York or Georgia had, but don't be mistaken, our country is chock full of linguistic differences. We update the quiz regularly and its the most accurate among the other quizzes. You have a New England accent! Which looks good. Your email address will not be published. What do you call the thing that keeps hair in a pony-tail? Thanks for letting us know about the quiz. WebWhich American accent/dialect do you have? What do you call a long sandwich, typically in a roll, with several ingredients? Super affordable! and thus reveal your native dialect. Its not entirely comprehensive no one can even agree on how many accents there are but it does give you an overview of some of the most common accents you might What is the most popular sport in your area? I took the quiz it is uncanny. So that goes to show you that the key identifiers are very accurate and effective. The quiz will determine which American The only requirement is honesty. Have you ever heard of a "Roly poly"? Or Houston, I guess! The following quiz draws on our School of British Accents series, which includes articles and videos about several of the dialects from England, Scotland and Wales. You say "you all" or the infamous "Yinz/You'uns" and "carra-mel". Let's know more about you with a simple yet super fun quiz! Studies of the sort can be done on multiple characteristics such as sound-based, vocabulary-based and grammar based. And, out of curiosity, what results are people for whom English is a second language getting? We've got Southern drawls, Midwestern twangs, the hard to even describe Boston accent and countless others. lived in California for a few years during my youth and am now living in the Great White North! Cooking food on a grill and having friends over, The different variations in sauce, cooking style and seasoning of meat, Chilling on the back deck with beer and burgers. If you go to Minnesota, you will soon notice that the vowels in late and coat are articulated as monophthongs, so they sound almost like let and caught.. WebSince then, America has been influenced by the languages of Native Americans, and immigrants from West Africa, Germany, France, Ireland and other countries. Weird its correct. Do you speak American English, or just English? So I wanted to see if I could take some of the data collected from these surveys and try to guess where YOU live. You may say "ya'll" and "pop", but you'd never say car-a-mel and Mary, marry, and merry all sound the same to you. How would you address a group of two or more people? Your browser does not support the audio tag. Do you have the same accent as your neighbors, or are you holding on to an accent from where you grew up or went to school? Go figure! You're shocked that people think "pin" and "pen" are pronounced differently, and you find it bizarre that people actually call coke "pop"! Cheers, The South was second by just a little. There are a bunch of quizzes out there that purport to tell you what American dialect you speak. What sport are you most likely to tune into at home? Being Canadian I was told my American accent was Inland North which would be very accurate since Im also based in Ontario between a couple of Great Lakes. Ever been to a "beer barn"? Cloth on the seat, leather everywhere else. Go through this short quiz and you'll find out just which accent that is. Based on your responses, the map at right shows the overlap between your speech and the various dialects of American English, as measured by data from the Harvard Dialect Survey, conducted by Bert Vaux and Scott Golder. They sound different with 1 R sound apiece. The store clerk said OOh, (long o) youre not from around here are ye. It's a creamy, sweet, treat that goes great with chocolate or peanut butter. American Accent Quizzes & Trivia. The colors on the That truck accident is causing some rubbernecking. This quiz will help you find that. WebIf you're from anywhere in the USA you have an accent (which may or may not be the accent of the place you're from). A good-quality microphone is a primary tool for any voice actor. Sir-up Seer-up 3. The goal of these surveys was to take stock of the differences in language, pronunciation, and word choice in different regions, big and small, across the United States. What is your ideal snack to help keep you full during the day? There are countless American accents, as even your region isn't enough to break down an accent. I grew up in Oregon. I dislike my strong Texas accent (89%) on quiz. My wife, a native of Japan also took the test. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities like Dallas or Atlanta. Nothing beats a fluffy waffle or pancake topped with warm syrup. Good Luck and have loads of fun! You have a Midland accent is just another way of saying you dont have an accent. You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. It got me. What's the correct term for more than one person with whom you are familiar? Does your area have a special name for a liquor store? With 9.8 million square miles good for the fourth-largest country in the world by total area across six different time zones counting Alaska and Hawaii, the United States is one of the most diverse nations on the planet. Translation: Hey, yall, you all, yins or youse. I scored 100% midland, a part of the country Ive never seen! 1 What word do you use when talking about arithmatic? Very interesting and accurate overall. Remember to rate this quiz on the next page! If you go to Minnesota, you will soon notice that the vowels in late and coat are articulated as monophthongs, so they sound almost like let and caught.. While you're enjoying the beautiful Fall colors, take pride in your awesome accent! How would you express unexpected pleasure or happiness? Which alcoholic beverage is your region known for? But I was raised in Massachusetts worcester I had 70 something of midland and 20 of Boston. It works because Im from southern Ohio. antrim hospital booking office number, unity funeral home obituaries apopka, fl,